The Features and Benefits of Concrete  

Concrete is one of the oldest and most widely used construction materials in the world and possesses many unique qualities that benefit the owner, developer and designer.

Due to its versatility, aesthetic appeal, cost-effectiveness and availability, concrete is changing the face of southern Africa's landscape.  Increasingly, cutting-edge architects and engineers are making concrete their material of choice.

For the Owner, concrete offers both aesthetic appeal and cost effectiveness. Its strength, durability and natural thermal mass result in buildings that require low maintenance, offer high durability and have high operating energy efficiency.


For the Developer, concrete offers a competitive building solution based on first cost, long term economic benefits, energy efficiency, lower maintenance, and overall operating costs, as well as opportunities for future reuse should the occupancy of the building change.  

For the Designer, concrete offers a dramatic range of colours, finishes and unlimited design possibilities, difficult to match in other materials.  At the same time, a structure is created that provides superior environmental and energy performance.  Designs that take advantage of the thermal mass and structural integrity of concrete have resulted in many award-winning projects throughout the world.

For the Country, concrete is a low impact, environmental material and is the cornerstone for building construction and infrastructure that can put our society on the road to a sustainable future.

Durability - concrete is one of the most durable materials on earth.  Well designed, well placed concrete offers exceptional durability and long life in any structure.  Concrete structures built over 100 years ago (even some as long as the Roman times) are still in active service today. Such extended life span conserves resources by reducing maintenance and the need for reconstruction




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Chryso Cryplon Fibre:

Synthetic Micro-fibre Ferocrete

  • use in wet and dry crete
  • better dispersion
  • reduced bleeding
  • reduced curing times

The activation of polymer surfaces result in the synthesis of a fluoropolymer named CRYPLON, a highly wettable, polarized surface with enhanced adhesion capabilities.

The enhanced adhesion characteristics of CRYPLON make it susceptible to printing, painting, glueing and bonding with other substrates.

CRYPLON enhances fibre performance in the following manner:

  • Increase interfacial shear bond strength with more than 50%.
  • Improve Efnarc test results by more than 40%.

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